Childhood and Prison

Provides comprehensive care for children born and living in prison, and those whose mothers or fathers are in prision.

Why do children with parents in prison need our support?

Existen más de 500 mil niñas, niños y adolescentes have a parent who is currently in prison.

Of incarcerated women, 84.8% are mothers.

Prisons lack safe and non-violent spaces for women and children.

Every 5 out of 10 of women in prison upon entering prison had children in the infant and preschool stages.

67% of children in contact with prison have witnessed a riot or fight.

Lack of opportunities for the adequate development of children who grow up in prison.

Childhood and Prison Model

Seeking safety, protection, and support for children who live inside prisons with their mothers or who have mothers or fathers in prison.

We are proud to introduce
our Violence-Free Spaces

where children residing or visiting prison are safe and protected. These spaces include:


Espacio de maternidad

Área de visitas infantil

En State of Mexico, Mexico City, and Nuevo León.

What does Celina say?

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to spend time with my daughter in a space that doesn't feel like prison. She never has fun here, but in these areas, I can see her smile and play like she never did before," 

Celina, mother in prison.

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