Provides care and accompaniment to juvenile offenders from the time they serve their measure until their release from the Detention Centers to help them achieve their reintegration process.

Why do our adolescents need us?

9 out of 10 people in prison were involved in criminal activity before the age of 6.

30K children and youth have been recruited by organized crime.

From a youth, children access weapons and substances.

Four out of ten people in prison experienced violence during their childhood or youth.

They are looked down upon in society for having broken the law.

40% of juvenile offenders had a family member who was in prison.

Social Reintegration Model

Attends to and supports youths and juvenile offenders, from the moment they serve their measure until achieving their social reintegration and building a life free from violence.

What does Antonio say??

"When I went to a center to reintegrate into society, I simply wanted to change, but I didn't know how. Reinserta assisted me in creating my life plan and stopping drug use. Currently, I'm studying Administration and enjoying hobbies like skateboarding and drawing, which I previously liked but stopped doing when I got involved with a gang".

Antonio, 19 years old

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